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This One's For You!!


See, hell is the devil's rules. Heaven is the Law of Love. It's a Love that We Practice Freely and Share Everywhere, cause there ain't no rules in Heaven.

Why would God create something so boring as ignorance?... and then ask yourself, why would you?

The Chicago lightning storm that hit the two corporate buildings:

Our Commentary: “Well, the corporations just got Zapped”

In reference to the current illusionary event, called the G20 conference, they made a fortress to try to protect nothing with a wall all around it. This was so that ignorance
is isolate and separate from the people... GOOD IDEA! For us of the
Celestial, there are no “behind closed doors”. We just laugh at
how stupid ignorance is.

Even as the Planet flows around the Sun,

Change is inevitable and Awakening is the 6th night done.

The experience of Love, is the experience of God. This experience is deeply and intrinsically placed within the Human Heart, precisely for their Godhood to Awaken.

God sees Love as the experience of Unlimited Thought, set Free to be explored. This too is intrinsically Human.

See, most of Humanity believes the lie that they have freewill in illusion, and that they can freely choose illusion. Reality is much different than illusion, because in
Reality, You Really Are Free.

For 13 millenia, Humanity has been told that their lives were meaningless. That is a lie. The Truth is much grander in the Present Moment of Now.

See, a God's Brilliance is made up of All Love Is. What's Your Brilliance Made of?

Religion is always about the past, because it cannot be Present. Only God can Be Present and God is not a religion.

Whenever the Human Being connects into their Heart and embraces their Being God, that's the True Reality. To use words to describe such an event, is like a finger pointing to the
Moon, that has just shifted gears for the grounding of the Reality by
just Being Present. BTW, this Event is unavoidable and inevitable...
meaning Now, Multi-Dimensionally.

As a God, Love doth give me Life, Eternally. My response, as a God, is to give Love a place to be Eternally. Enjoy The Gift.

The very stones themselves are the Children of Creation, born to live a Life of transfiguration and change. Their acceptance of the Love They Are makes them quite
Present. Now, imagine this within You, in your Presentness of course.

As long as Humanity looks outside of themselves at a problem, the problem will become bigger. When humanity looks inside Themselves, immediately the problem is
transformed into their Awakening.

See a God does not write poetry, because a God is poetry of Love, singing the songs of Life Awakened.

The Unity of All the Earth Allies exists beyond where any “spiritual ego” can go, which is True Unity as Equality in Reality. The Truth is Self Evident, cause in
Love the Truth Is Real. Next Question.

Real Thoughts are those of Love and that bring Joy. Imaginary thoughts are illusion, equal to the internal dialogue, which is the left brain's program. Imaginary
thoughts are fear, pain and suffering. GET OVER IT! Those thoughts do
not really exist. Welcome, to the B-Right side of Life.

If you look to the past to create a better future, you are missing the Present, which is where the future actually happens. One Moment Opening. Unceasingly Opening Up into
this Present Moment of Now. Unending... there is no end, there are
only Beginnings.

There is a lot going on on the Planet. If anyone noticed.

ignorance has reached it's mandatory retirement age, here is your pink slip.

Seems like Dick Cheney's Heart is gonna show Dick Cheney his truth, his fear will be horrified by the results of his actions. He will be wondering how he could be so dumb, for his
Heart understands he is Love Unconditional. His ignorance has no
clue. We call this an inevitable event, because Dick Cheney's heart
understands all dinosaurs are extinct, and only the True Humans
inherit the Earth.

The Inner Earth Beings have now been given the go ahead to meet with their surface Families. We have asked them to be nice, even though their nature is nice. This is their
Planet too, also equal to You.

The darkness cannot go where the Light can go, and the Light is Everywhere.

Since Spirit is Everywhere, You never have to go far!!


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PS. May Love Guide Your Heart Into The Truth of Your Awakening. Have A Good Day!!

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